Shoe Shiner Machine

Shoe Shiner Machine


Power: 45W, AC 220V, 50Hz

Motor speed: 1400RPM

Noise coefficient: ≤50dB

Oil volume: 100ml
Dimension of machine:280×370×210mm
Dimension of packing: 310×385×230mm
Colorred, silver, golden, Mahogany
Material: Titanium, Stainless, Spade, Steel



The shoe polishing machine adopt ultra quiet, low power, durable anti burn motor, motor speed and motor torque is most suitable for shoe polishing machine
2 Shoe brush is made of quality brush, soft and elastic, no hurt to the shoe upper, let you easily comprehensive polish the shoe upper easily and completely, uniform and transparent, clean as brand new.
3 Special neutral oil make the shoe upper shiny, anti mildew, anti atherosclerosis;
4 Adopt international infrared remote sensing technology, have strong anti-interference ability;

5 It will take you only a few minutes to polish the shoe upper, procedure of clean dust, oiling, shoe polishing;

6 Automatic dormancy device to save power;

7 Inductive start, will start when you put your shoes below the brush, and will stop when you shoes are out of the machine.

The special colorless shoe oil is suitable for any shoes, built-in high-grade non slip mat;

Exquisite color outer packing is the best choice for gift;

10 Suitable for family, hotel room, home, welfare, promotion, special for gift between friends and relatives

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